South-West Review police reports published April 22, 2018

South-West Review police reports published April 22, 2018 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul


Inver Grove Heights


On April 11, officers responded to the 10000 block of Conrad Avenue on a theft report. The estimated total of the property taken was $1,160.

A theft was reported in the 7800 block of Cahill Avenue April 12. A 42-year-old man was cited for misdemeanor theft.


Warrant arrest

A vehicle was pulled over in the intersection of Concord Boulevard and Interstate 494 on April 11. A 37-year-old woman was arrested on a warrant and for giving police false information. A 40-year-old man was cited for driving after revocation.


My bad

A plow driver backed up into a mailbox April 16 knocking it over. 


Forged check

A counterfeit check was found in the 7000 block of Cahill Avenue April 11.


Trespass to DWI

Officers responded to the 6600 block of River Road April 12 for a trespassing call. A 40-year-old man was arrested for DWI as a result of the incident.


Identity theft

On April 13, officers were dispatched to the 4100 block of Denton Way to take an identity theft report.


Mendota Heights


An officer responded to a business in the 900 block of Highway 13 April 9. Employees said multiple people entered the store, stole multiple items and left without paying for them. Video surveillance was obtained.


Stolen tools

Someone called to report the theft of hand tools from a locked trailer in the 2000 block of Waters Drive. The theft happened sometime within the past two weeks. The estimated value of stolen goods was around $250.



An officer took a fraud report April 12 from someone who fell victim to a scam regarding a fake loan. The companies “Advance America” and “Lend Plus” called the victim stating he was approved for a $5,000 loan. The victim gave his personal information and shortly after realized it was a scam. He immediately closed his account — there was no loss.


Warrant arrest

A routine license plate check April 9 in the area of Interstate 35E and Highway 110 revealed the registered owner had an active misdemeanor warrant. A stop was made, and the driver was confirmed as the owner and was transported to Dakota County Jail.


South St. Paul

Warrant arrest

On April 10, an intoxicated man came into the lobby of the police department and said he had a warrant for his arrest. It was confirmed he had three Dakota County warrants for his arrest. He was placed in custody and transported to Dakota County Jail.



Officers were dispatched to the King of Diamonds April 10 in regards to a driving compliant. An employee at the bar said a drunk man got into his vehicle and was leaving northbound on Concord Street. An officer responded to the area and located the suspect vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed near Armour Avenue — the car was clocked going 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. 

The driver was pulled over and police confirmed the man was drunk—the man smelled of alcohol and  his eyes were bloodshot and watering. The driver admitted to having one beer that evening. Field sobriety tests were conducted, and the driver was unable to perform them. He also failed a breath test and was placed under arrest for driving while under the influence.  


Property damage

A man reported April 11 that someone threw a brick at his apartment window in the 1500 block of Willis Avenue and broke it. He told police he saw someone running from the area but didn’t see who threw the brick.


Chug! Chug!

The department received a call from someone with the Dakota County Community Corrections office April 13 requesting they check on a woman who may have been violating her probation by drinking. Officers arrived to the 500 block of 12th Avenue North and met the woman at the front door, and she allowed them to enter her home she allegedly gave the appearance of someone who had been drinking. Officers asked her to submit to a breath test and she agreed to do so. The corrections officer was called with the results and he immediately issued an order of detention. The woman was taken into custody at the scene and transported to Dakota County Jail. But, before leaving the residence she grabbed a partially consumed can of beer from the living room table and quickly drank it. 


West St. Paul

People can hear you

A call came in April 11 from the 300 block of Marie Avenue about a man who was supposedly bragging about being on the run for kidnapping. The anonymous caller said a friend told him that man was in the apartment and had been bragging. After eventually getting the caller back on the line, the bragging man was allegedly a suspect who kidnapped someone from Memphis, Tennessee. Police were unable to locate anything more on the man.


Sketchy people

A contractor working in the 1100 block of Ottawa Avenue called police April 12 after his crew found a sunglass case outside that appeared to have meth pips and drugs in it. While the crew was looking at it, people inside the house kept looking at them. The caller said his crew still had work to do inside and out of the house and didn’t know how to proceed. He described the people as “sketchy.” Police advised him and his crew to leave the case alone.


Hanging out

On April 15, police received a call from someone at the car wash in the 1400 block of Robert Street. It appeared someone was living in the car wash bay. The caller said the man had belongings with him and was using his laptop. When he asked the man to move, the man just looked at him then back down to his computer. It also looked like there was a bedroll and other items. 


Tire slasher

A report came in April 16 that a neighbor slashed the tires on a vehicle in the 1000 block of Livingston Avenue. On that previous Saturday, the callers’ neighbor was seen on video letting air out of his tires. He did not know the extent of the damage until later. 


Can’t you all just get along?

An officer spoke with a business owner in the 1000 block of Robert Street April 16 after she flagged him down. The woman wanted to report a dispute with the neighboring business’ owner. She said the other business’ customers kept parking in her spots. She was upset because she plows her parking spaces and the other business does not. The owner of the other business came out to speak with police as well. He said the snow was going to be removed within the hour, and he would get signs telling his customers where to park. The officer advised both business owners it would be best for everyone if they could get along. 



A man came into the police department lobby April 17 to report someone else using his credit card in New York for a purchase of $19,000 from an Apple store.


Police scam

On April 17, a woman received a suspicious phone call from a man from a company called “Safe Life” who said he was working with local police departments. He wanted to meet her at her residence and knew her address. The woman told police the man was giving away Amber Alert devices for meeting with him. Police told her it sounded like a scam and to not meet him at her home. The woman told police that when she asked to meet with the mystery caller at the police department, he said he did not want to do that. 

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