LETTER: Calling out Jessup on gun control issues

To the Editor:

Some 90 percent of Minnesotans support mandatory background checks on all gun sales, while 63 percent favor raising the legal age to buy a gun from 18 to 21. Nearly 60 percent favor banning assault rifles with detachable magazines. Where does Rep. Randy Jessup stand on these questions?

On May 12 at his “Java with Jessup” meeting he said that he “might” support mandatory background checks. I asked him via email on May 4 what his position was on the other two issues. He chose not to respond.  

Since April 5 he has refused to support banning the possession of bump stocks on the basis that Congress “might” ban them by mid-June. On May 20 he told me that he no longer thought that Congress would ban them. Instead, he is now putting his faith in Donald Trump; the man who recently “hitched his wagon” to the NRA.  

He now believes that Trump might do something by October of this year. Meanwhile, Randy is keeping his head down on any gun control issues while kids continue to be shot and killed.

The next mass killing could easily be in Minnesota again. If the people in District 42A are truly concerned about the safety and welfare of our children, then the first constructive step in that direction would be to remove Randy Jessup from the Legislature. He clearly doesn’t represent the concerns of his constituents on gun control issues and the safety and welfare of our children.

Greg Gross, Shoreview

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