Roseville culinary students cook in lunch competition

photos courtesy of Roseville Area Schools

Roseville Area Schools hosted its first annual Junior Culinary Competition May 22 in partnership with Roseville Area Schools Nutrition Services and Roseville Area High School Family & Consumer Sciences. The competition consisted of seven teams, all high school students enrolled in the Culinary Arts class for the third trimester.

Teams received a pantry list, options for proteins, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy, and directions to create and name three recipes — an entree containing a protein and grain, a vegetable side and a fruit side. Students spent the trimester creating, practicing and perfecting their recipe.

On the day of the competition, teams had one hour to complete their cook-off before they presented their meal to the judging panel. Each team was judged on the following criteria: USDA nutrition guideline requirements, budget, appearance, taste, organization, hygiene and food safety of the team while preparing the meal, and if it can be replicated for large-scale food service.

Through engaging in the competition, students learn to appreciate just what it takes to get lunch on their tray each day, and grow their understanding of USDA school meal requirements while working through financial constraints, and the basics of nutrition. Students gain valuable life skills by working as a team to create and cook and also gain confidence by presenting and speaking about their recipes to the judging panel and audience.

The winning team prepared chicken kabobs and garlic French fries. The meal will be incorporated into the school lunch menu for the 2018-2019 school year.

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