LETTER: Protect Minnesota’s waterways: ban foam containers

To the Editor:

In May, the article “Reducing plastic pollution is the theme of this year’s Earth Day” reminded readers that our waste is killing our wildlife. Our economy encourages us to make, use and toss at the greatest possible speed. Often, we don’t think twice about getting our coffee to-go in a foam cup, or food in a foam takeout container.

Currently, 70 million plastic foam cups are estimated to be disposed of by Americans every day. Of these, about one-third end up in waterways: rivers, lakes and especially the ocean. Living in Minnesota, coming across plastic and foam pollution on a summer beach day has become unavoidable.

To protect our wildlife and our waterways we need to dramatically reduce our plastic waste and we can start by banning foam cups and takeout containers in Minnesota.

Kalley Elwell, Mounds View

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