South-West Review police reports published August 5, 2018

South-West Review police reports published August 5, 2018 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul


Inver Grove Heights

Warrant arrests

On July 25, officers pulled a vehicle over at the intersection of Courthouse and Concord boulevards. Two men were arrested for outstanding warrants.


Officers responded to a report of a suspicious person July 31 near the intersection of 86th Street West and Atlantic Avenue. A 20-year-old man was arrested for an outstanding warrant as a result of the incident.


Can’t sell that

An alcohol compliance check was conducted in the 6500 block of Cahill Avenue July 25. A woman was charged with illegal alcohol sales as a result.



A 21-year-old woman was cited and released from the scene of a reported assault in the 2800 block of 70th Street July 25.



On July 27, officers responded to a report of a fire in the 7100 block of Cloman Avenue. After investigation, it was determined the fire was started by a juvenile male. There were no injures.


Can’t be here

Officers responded o the 9700 block of South Robert Trail July 29 on the report of a suspicious person. Officers found three juveniles trespassing on a property. All were cited and released to the custody of their parents.


Ran away

On July 30, officers responded to the 2900 block of 50th Street for a hit-and-run accident. The driver of the striking vehicle had left the scene but was later located and issued a citation.


Mommy’s money

Credit card fraud was reported July 30. A kid had taken their mom’s credit card without permission and charged money for a gaming app.


There’s a nail in my tire

Someone called July 30 to report property damage. The reporting party believed the neighbor was putting nails in their tires.


Mendota Heights

Dude, where’s my motorcycle?

A man reported July 19 that his motorcycle was stolen overnight from the 2300 block of Lexington Avenue.


Stolen car

Officers responded to 700 block of Highway 110 July 21 regarding a vehicle theft. The vehicle was found and the suspect was stopped and arrested without incident. The thief was transported to Dakota County Jail.



While on routine patrol, an officer pulled a vehicle over July 23 at the intersection of Cascade Lane and Arcadia Drive. The officer could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer searched the vehicle and found a white power believed to be drugs. The driver was arrested.


Not of age

An officer saw a large group of young adults in the parking lot of a closed business in the 700 block of Highway 110 July 24. Eight individuals were issued for citations of alcohol under 21. One individual was transported to Ramsey County Detox.


Bike vs. garbage truck

A call came in July 24 from the intersection of Overlook Road and Lexington Avenue about a garbage truck striking a biker. The biker initially denied medical attention but was later taken to the hospital.


Theft from cars

There were several reports of theft from cars made in various parts of the city. 


South St. Paul

Slight of hand

On July 24, an officer was dispatched to an alley behind Fourth Avenue South after a report came in about three people sleeping in a vehicle. The officer saw the driver, who did not have a license, reach down between the driver’s side door and seat handle. The officer ordered the man to show his hands and opened the door. A large bag of suspected methamphetamine rolled out. During the search of the vehicle, a gun, ammunition, digital scales, two more bags of suspected methamphetamine, drug ledger, seven bags of suspected marijuana, two hypodermic needles, glass pipe and five pills were found in the vehicle.  


Stolen trailer

A woman called police July 25 to report her camper trailer had been parked on the street in front of her residence in the 300 block of 13th Avenue South since July 23. The morning of July 25 the camper was missing. A local towing company confirmed they did not tow it. 


Blessed be thy veggies

Sometime on July 25, a person threw tomato sauce at the front doors of a church in the 400 block of Third Street North. A metal lid from a tomato sauce can was found on the front steps as well as an empty can of green beans near the front door.


Charge my phone

A man walked into a gas station in the 400 block of Concord Street South July 25 and stole a phone charger. The employee who called it in said she was not concerned about the theft but wanted the suspect formally banned from the store if he was located. 


Unhappy customer

An officer responded to a gas station in the 1100 block of Concord Street North July 29 on the report of an irate customer. While en route, the officer was informed the customer left. The officer spoke with an employee who said she was helping her co-worker at the counter when a customer came up to the other counter and asked if both employees could  help the man. When the one employee helping said yes, the customer said “I should just throw this at you,” referring to her large fountain drink. The woman than threw the drink at her, yelling and swearing. When officers identified the woman and asked her what happened she said the employee responded to her question with attitude. She said she felt the employee provoked her behavior. When asked why she threw the drink, she said she slammed it on the counter. The woman started yelling and swearing at the officer. An address was confirmed for the woman, where a citation for disorderly conduct was mailed to her.


West St. Paul

Police call scam

A woman reported July 26 receiving a call from an unknown number that said she was in trouble with the police and needed to call that number back. She did not call or speak with anyone. No personal information was given out.



A man was preaching to customers between Hobby Lobby and UPS on Robert Street July 26. The man had been asked to leave in the past but kept coming back. He left again without incident.


“Hostage situation”

An employee of a business in the 1800 block of Robert Street called police July 27 because of two customers arguing in the lot. One customer was yelling at another over parking issues. The woman said she couldn’t get out of a spot and was being held hostage because of it. A delivery truck had blocked her in. Officers got the truck to move so she could leave.


Shared custody

Someone called police July 29 because their friend wouldn’t return a cat. The parties had a civil arrangement for caring for the cat. Officers told the pair to go to civil court if they did not agree with who should own the cat.


Throwing rocks

A call came from the 200 block of Annapolis Street July 31 after someone, who had been kicked out of the apartment a couple weeks prior, was back and throwing rocks at windows. The woman was asked to leave and she did.


My cart

On July 31, a man tried pushing a shopping cart with over $500 worth of merchandise out the door of a business in the 1600 block of Robert Street but was stopped by an employee. When asked for a receipt, the man picked up a large battery out of the shopping cart and threw it at the employee, hitting her in the arm and side. The man abandoned the cart and fled the scene.


Scrap metal

A call came in from the 1000 block of Smith Avenue July 31 from someone who thought a person was trying to steal something from the construction site nearby. The caller could hear thunking noises and saw a person in the shadows. It turned out to be a man in the dumpster looking for scrap metal. He was told to leave and stay off private property. 

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