LETTER: Getting the story straight in District 42A

To the Editor:

I was recently mailed campaign literature from the Minnesota DFL State Committee. One of the key statements on it read “Rep. Randy Jessup didn’t do his job. So why’d he give himself a pay raise?” The theme that Jessup didn’t accomplish anything in the 2018 legislative session, while purportedly giving himself a pay raise, continues throughout the flyer.

These accusations sound bad, but as an involved and informed voter, I know better.

What the literature doesn’t tell you is that legislators’ pay this year wasn’t set or decided by themselves. Instead, it was done by an independent, citizens-only council solely assigned with determining legislators’ pay every two years. This council was established by a Minnesota constitutional amendment (Article IV, Section 9) that was approved overwhelmingly by over  76 percent of voters via referendum in 2016.

So while state legislators did receive their first pay raise in 18 years, the means behind it are not what the Minnesota DFL State Committee would have you believe. These negative attack ads are misleading, and shouldn’t have a place in our politics. If anything, they’ve turned an independent voter into a solid vote to re-elect Rep. Jessup in Distict 42A.

Robert Goldman, Arden Hills

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