LETTER: Groff: ‘Open-minded and collaborative’

To the Editor:

We received a sleek, glossy political mailer recently, distributed by “Garbage Haulers for Citizen Choice.” Intrigued that trash haulers would unite to undertake expensive political advertising, we studied the literature with interest. The haulers — none appeared to be based in Roseville — are supporting a consortium of candidates for city office: the incumbent mayor, a currently serving councilman and a new contender seeking a seat on the council.  

The ad’s messaging was darkly obscure, referring to another shadowy, unnamed candidate for city council as an “endorsed, partisan candidate” seeking to bring “Washington-style bickering and gridlock” to the city. A deeper dive into this unlikely-sounding claim revealed that the purportedly divisive candidate had to be Wayne Groff, the only city council candidate who enjoys an official party endorsement (DFL).

Since Mr. Groff is also the only candidate who has knocked on our door to introduce himself, share his views on city issues, and ask about ours, we don’t know what the other candidates stand for, nor what their mutual affiliation is. Mr. Groff, an experienced, thoughtful man who presently serves on the city Planning Commission, never mentioned his endorsement during our visit. His ethos is far removed from the tribal bitterness found in current American politics; rather, his approach to government is open-minded and collaborative.  

There may indeed be candidates fomenting partisan divide in the City of Roseville, but Mr. Groff, who will have our vote, is not among their numbers.

Joe and Tara Guy, Roseville

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