LETTER: Lack of information, outside influence in Roseville primary

To the Editor:

Unfortunately, there was minimal information available about several candidates in Roseville’s primary election. This is disrespectful to voters, because it prevents people from making an informed choice.

In addition, there is deliberate outside interference in our election. Garbage Haulers for Citizen Choice (GHCC) was formed in 2012 to focus political opposition to single hauler trash collection — www.haulersforchoice.com. GHCC has mailed misleading and/or inflammatory flyers preceding elections in Roseville since 2012. The current GHCC flyer implies the candidates in the flyer are mutually supportive, nonpartisan, and by implication oppose another city council candidate. 

Trash haulers and citizens supporting GHCC are entitled to try to influence elections to support their positions, as is anyone else. Unfortunately, the text on the flyers is consistently misleading, and the timed delivery of these flyers precludes candidates’ opportunity for comment/refutation/correction/explanation, because the flyers are delivered close enough to the election that media deadlines have passed. This is a deliberate situation. 

I am furious at these efforts to influence municipal elections and the paucity of information about some candidates. I strongly suggest that residents inform themselves about local candidates and ignore third party flyers; vote with their pocket books — if your trash hauler supports GHCC, change hauler; and be concerned that insufficient information is available about candidates for local elections.

Sara Barsel, Roseville

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