LETTER: Looking for clarity on Jessup’s position on gun control

To the Editor:

I’m responding to the Aug. 14/15 letter titled “’Jessup: Bringing ‘common sense to a complicated issue.’” I attended the meeting the author mentions and disagree with her characterization.

This was the third time that I’ve heard Rep. Jessup speak, and each time he’s admitted that he isn’t well informed on the topic and feels that gun control is too divisive of an issue for him to address.

I’m unclear as to his motivation for attending the meeting. He said he’d spoken with approximately eight police officers to get their perspectives, but avoided the question when asked about conversations he’s had with pro-gun constituents. He offered no ideas and was seemingly not interested in hearing ours. I spoke with other attendees after the meeting. We all felt that his tone was condescending and unhelpful.

I noticed that he and District 47A Rep. Jim Nash, who is the chief author of a “stand your ground” bill, walked together in the Shoreview parade. If Jessup supports Nash, then I wish he would just say so instead of side-stepping the issue and making his constituents feel unheard.

My grandchildren attend the Mounds View School District. I worry about our schools becoming fortresses and the mental health effects of lock-down drills. We need leaders with ideas who will work with us to solve our gun control problem. If the issue is too divisive for Rep. Jessup, then we need to vote someone in who can tackle it. Vote Kelly Moller, a gun sense distinction candidate.

Teresa Morris, Shoreview

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