LETTER: Seeking integrity, political courage and leadership

To the Editor:

A recent letter writer invoked a sexual exploitation prevention instruction bill as an example of Rep. Randy Jessup’s “independent, thoughtful, and collaborative” leadership. 

The bill in question had broad, bipartisan support. All it takes to pass such a bill is enough intelligence to follow the law-making process. Randy Jessup certainly has that.  Leadership is tested when one tries to advance controversial legislation.  

I have been trying to encourage Randy Jessup to support gun control legislation. Mr. Jessup seems seriously concerned about advancing his political career. Gun control legislation is really problematic for him. If he doesn’t support it, he risks losing the votes of a clear majority of District 42A constituents, according to a recent Minnesota poll. If he does support it, he risks angering Republican House leadership. Rather than making a choice and defending it, Mr. Jessup has chosen to hone a “Poor, poor, ignorant me” speech.  I’ve heard it at least four times in the last five months. He claims to know nothing at all about gun control issues. He seems to have made it clear that he intends to take a long time to learn anything; certainly, until after the 2018 election!

Randy Jessup, like too many politicians these days, appears to be more than willing to put party and political advancement ahead of principles. I see little integrity, no political courage and no leadership.

Greg Gross, Shoreview

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