LETTER: Vote Moller to keep MinnesotaCare solvent

To the Editor:

In 1992, Republican Gov. Arne Carlson and the Legislature addressed an unmet need for health care coverage. MinnesotaCare was created to help subsidize coverage for those who don’t qualify for public assistance, but don’t make enough money to pay for all of their health care costs. The program is funded with a state health care provider tax, premiums paid by MinnesotaCare recipients and federal money.

In 2011, the Republican majority in the Minnesota Legislature decided to end the provider tax in 2019. Republicans at the federal level have cut federal funding. Now the MinnesotaCare program is facing insolvency.

Current elected officials aren’t making the necessary actions to shore up this fund. In fact, the Legislature last session, including Rep. Randy Jessup, made it worse by using some of this dedicated funding to prop up the health insurance companies that provide individual policies in the state health care exchange. If MinnesotaCare becomes insolvent, it could cause costs for everyone to rise, since the uninsured often end up with much costlier emergency care. Greater than 89,000 Minnesotans use MinnesotaCare.

Kelly Moller is running for the Minnesota House in District 42A and she wants to shore up MinnesotaCare and stop draining it. Kelly wants to allow any Minnesotan to be able to buy coverage from MinnesotaCare, which uses some very effective cost-containment strategies. Please join me in supporting Kelly Moller in November.

Cynthia Gaertner, Arden Hills

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