South-West Review police reports published August 19, 2018

South-West Review police reports published August 19, 2018 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul


Inver Grove Heights

Pay up

A woman received a call Aug. 6 from a man who claimed he was a deputy commander of the Dakota County Sheriff’s office. The man told the woman she failed to appear for jury duty and owed $980. He was calling to meet her for payment. She hung up on him.


Stolen tailgate

Someone called from the 3000 block of 65th Street Aug. 9 to report that a tailgate of a pickup truck was stolen sometime overnight.


Multiple charges

A 19-year-old man was arrested Aug. 10 for fifth degree controlled substance charges and multiple warrants in the 3400 block of 68th Street.


Funny money

Officers responded to the 5400 block of Babcock Trial Aug. 12 on the report of counterfeit bills trying to be used.



An anonymous complainant called police Aug. 9 to report someone who was intoxicated. They were taken to detox.


Don’t’ run

A vehicle was pulled over in the 6800 block of River Road Aug. 10. One man was arrested after a short pursuit.


Warrant arrest

Officers were on a civil assist in the 8300 block of Alverno Avenue Aug. 12. Someone at the site was arrested for an active warrant and transported to Dakota County Jail.



On Aug. 9, officers responded to the 7400 block of Dickman Trial on a report of a theft in progress. A 27-year-old woman was arrested.


Mendota Heights

Early bird

On Aug. 2, someone called from the 1100 block of Orchard Lane to report loud construction noises at 3 a.m. The caller said the loud construction noise was coming from the new development across the street. The officer saw a worker loading a large excavator onto a flatbed trailer and asked the worker is there was a specific reason for loading the excavator at that time of night/morning. The work said there was no reason. The worker finished what he was doing and the officer advised them about the laws and ordinances for noise during the night before being issued a citation for disorderly conduct. 


Lock the car

Someone reported theft from an unlocked car in the 2400 block of Dodd Road on Aug. 3.


Co-worker fight

Officers responded to the 2300 block of Pilot Knob Road Aug. 4 for an after-the-fact assault report. An employee at the location reported being assaulted by another employee a few hours prior. The suspect was sent a citation.


Not getting away

While directing traffic on Aug. 4 in the 1600 block of Lilydale Road, an officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. The driver of the vehicle attempted to drive away twice.


Found dog

A dog was found Aug. 5 near a running track in the 1800 block of Delaware Avenue. A picture of the dog was posted on the NextDoor app, along with the phone number for police dispatch. The dog was turned over to animal control. The owner called police a short time later and was directed to animal control. 


Fire starter

Officers responded to a structure fire in the 2300 block of Swan Drive Aug. 5, which turned out to be arson. A woman was taken into custody in relation to the fire and brought to Dakota County Jail.


Left behind

A homeowner in the 600 block of Mulberry Lane reported Aug. 9 that her vehicle had been rifled through overnight. The thief stole the overhead garage door opener, but left a black, fleece winter glove on top of the car.


South St. Paul

Joy ride

On Aug. 6, an officer went to the 400 block of Fourth Avenue to talk with a woman who said her ex-boyfriend had taken her car without her permission. The couple had broken up recently but he had stayed over the night prior. She kicked him out that morning and discovered he had taken her keys and vehicle without permission. She had allowed him to use the vehicle in the past even though he has a revoked driving status.


Not good

Officers were on routine patrol Aug. 6 in the area of Southview Boulevard and 21st Avenue when they received a call about someone driving off without paying for gas at a nearby station. Police found a vehicle that matched the description given. A license plate check showed the registered owner had a revoked license. The driver was identified as the owner. The woman in the passenger seat at first gave officers a false name. A check of her real name showed she had an active warrant and there was an active domestic abuse no contact order that prohibited her from having any contact with the driver. 


Not my account

A man came into the department lobby Aug. 8 to tell police that between 2009 and 2011 Wells Fargo in Las Vegas opened 13 accounts in his name while he lived in Las Vegas. The man believed he was the victim of identify theft and has a lawsuit against Wells Fargo. An officer told the man a report would be written to document the incident but since there was no loss on his part and the accounts were closed no criminal charges would be pursued.


Don’t drive

An officer ran a plate check on a car on Concord Street North Aug. 6 and discovered the registered owner had a revoked Minnesota license. The officer found the vehicle parked in front of the 1000 block of Central Avenue. He saw a woman walking away from the vehicle and a witness reported seeing a man run away from the vehicle earlier. The woman would not tell the officer who was driving the car. Another officer found the man, who said the car belonged to him but the woman was driving. The woman’s driving history showed a history of failure to appear for court and similar offences. Because of her past lack of ability to show up in court, she was placed in custody and transported to the Dakota County Jail.


West St. Paul


A woman called police Aug. 8 from the 1100 block of Robert Street about three people who were “plowed out of their mind on drugs.” An officer found the group and saw no issues.


Cover up and leave

On Aug. 8, an employee of a business in the 1100 block of Robert Street called police to have a person escorted off the property. The man was allegedly asking for money and the day before, the person exposed himself to people. The man was told the day prior he was not welcome at the store. 


 Sticky fingers

A call came in from a business in the 1600 block of Robert Street Aug. 8 about a woman and man allegedly trying to steal a variety of things from the automotive and hardware departments. 


Scoping it out

A woman called police Aug. 12 from the 400 block of Emerson Avenue after a man came to her house. He said he had a wallet that belonged to someone at the address, but the ID looked fake. The caller said the ID didn’t belong to anyone that lived there or had previously lived there. She was worried he was scoping out the house.


Not a great friend

A man told police Aug. 13 that he lent his debit card to a live-in friend to go shopping. He told her she was not authorized to make any further charges after she spent about $2,000. The friend continued to make charges with the total going over $6,000.

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