NEWSBRIEF: Apply for the Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota

Gov. Mark Dayton and the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota invite young women from across the state to apply for open positions with the Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota. The Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota currently has at least seven cabinet vacancies to fill. Young women between the ages of 16 and 24, especially those from underrepresented communities, are invited to apply. Applications are available through the Office of the Governor, and will be accepted through Sept. 14.

 “We must continue working to build a state where all Minnesotans have equal opportunity to succeed,” said Dayton. “This partnership is an important step in improving equity and opportunity for young women in Minnesota, especially young women of color. I encourage young women from every corner and every background to apply for a cabinet position with the Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota.”

 The Young Women’s Cabinet is comprised of 25 young women and youth leaders representing the following communities: African American; African Immigrant; American Indian; Asian American/Pacific Islander; Disability; Greater Minnesota; Latina; and LGBTQ. The cabinet ensures that the efforts of the initiative stay grounded in the lived experiences of the young women and youth from each community, the community-specific challenges and solutions they identified, and guided by their leadership. 

 “This is an exciting opportunity to join the strongest statewide movement in the country and be part of creating the future,” said Lee Roper-Batker, president and CEO of Women’s Foundation of Minnesota. “Led by young women of color, American Indian young women, young women from Greater Minnesota, LGBTQ+ youth, and young women with disabilities, the Cabinet is a key influence in the research and action of the Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota and we look forward to continuing this work with additional leadership across the state.”

Dayton will make appointments to the Young Women’s Cabinet. Applications are available through the Office of the Governor’s website at and will be accepted through Sept. 14.

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