From silver screen to graphic novel

courtesy of Nicholas Bain • South St. Paul alum Nicholas Bain has recently released his first graphic novel, “The Unicorn and the Fox.”

South St. Paul alum publishes his first graphic novel.


Nicholas Bain, 38, isn’t a stranger to helping create new worlds with which to entertain. Bain, who graduated from South St. Paul Secondary in 1998, has written 15 feature film screenplays. 

He’s now entered the world of graphic novels with “The Unicorn and the Fox.” Bain came up with the idea for “The Unicorn and the Fox” from another screenplay he’d been hired to write. 

“The graphic novel was inspired by another writing assignment, and I really wanted to pursue that on some level,” he says, explaining though that taking that inspiration and turning it into a movie would have been prohibitively expensive.

Beyond that, he points out, studios aren’t likely to just write a check and buy a screenplay from out of the blue. “I decided to pursue it on my own,” Bain says. He found an illustrator, Nick Acosta, who he describes as a perfect fit.

“The Unicorn and the Fox” is a fantasy story that takes place in another galaxy filled with six planets that are all unique. One by one, the planets are darkened by an ominous force until a single planet remains.

“The one [that’s] left is this planet called Glow that is a very bright planet inhabited by all kinds various mythological creatures,” he says. As the darkness approaches Glow, the only thing left to defeat it is a unicorn with a blunted horn.

“He becomes the galaxy’s last hope,” Bain says.

The story plays out as a three-part novel — the eponymous fox shows up in the second episode — and Bain says he chose the medium because he’s telling a very visual story.

“I wanted people to open it up and see what I saw,” he says.

This is Bain’s second go with a graphic novel — he says he never finished the first one. Writing a graphic novel comes with it’s own set of challenges compared to writing a screenplay. Bain says articulating with the illustrator what needs to be drawn and getting on the same page is the most difficult part.

“I’ve been blessed with a really committed and talented illustrator,” he says.

The first episode of “The Unicorn and the Fox” is available through The second episode will become available in December.


— Hannah Burlingame

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