NEWSBRIEF: Buckthorn curb-side pick-up and disposal information for Maplewood residents

Buckthorn is an aggressive, invasive European shrub invading area woodlands and preventing the growth of native plant species. Maplewood encourages residents to remove it from their properties. 

Unlike native shrubs, buckthorn retains green leaves late into the fall, long after other leaves have turned color or fallen. This is the easiest way to identify buckthorn and the best time for removal. To avoid accidental removal of beneficial dogwoods and cherries, Maplewood urges residents to wait until fall before removing their buckthorn.

Maplewood residents who remove large volumes of buckthorn from their properties will qualify for free curbside pick-up of buckthorn this fall. However, no other trees or shrubs will be picked up. 

To qualify, residents must have enough buckthorn to fill more than a large pickup truck. If residents do not have enough buckthorn to qualify, they should consider recruiting neighbors to have the whole block included. 

This year, pickup is scheduled for the week of Oct. 29. Please register with activity registration #16222 by 3 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 25 at Click on the RegisterOnline-Go button, or call 651-249-2170.  Those who register will receive a confirmation with stacking and other instructions. There will be no early or late pick-ups. The event will be held at Maplewood Nature Center & Neighborhood Preserves, 2659 E. Seventh St. in Maplewood

Those who don’t have enough buckthorn for a pick-up or who want to continue removing buckthorn beyond the pick-up date can bring cut buckthorn to a Ramsey County compost site that accepts brush. Ramsey County yard waste site information can be found at 

Tips for identifying buckthorn, effective removal methods, what to do with yard waste and other information can be found on the city’s buckthorn management page, at


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