LETTER: Bull for Roseville: Leadership and a fresh perspective

To the Editor:


I am writing to encourage everyone to vote Jim Bull for Roseville City Council on Nov. 6. Currently in his fourth year on the Planning Commission, Jim has a deep commitment to public service and the desire to continue his service by representing all of us on the city council.

As a management consultant in the private sector, Jim deals with budgeting, negotiations and communications at all levels on a daily basis. His level-headed, analytical approach to projects and challenges will serve Roseville and its citizens well. Jim is a dedicated family man, gives 100 percent personally and professionally to all he does, and he believes the hard work of this campaign is worth the opportunity at hand.

Since Jim’s decision to run for city council, we have worked side by side, attending local public events, discussing priorities and canvassing the city in an effort to reach as many people as possible. In those conversations, the most common theme is always “listening.” I’ve seen first-hand how much he cares about what is on the minds of citizens. I have watched Jim listen effectively as citizens express their concerns, both big and small.

At the same time, he always communicates the importance of being fiscally responsible when discussing how to implement change. Jim’s leadership, experience and fresh perspective are what we need to help guide our city forward.

Vote Jim Bull for city council to help keep Roseville a great place to live and work.


Christine Minor


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