LETTER: Moller’s got our vote

To the Editor:


Three generations of my family live in District 42A and that’s why I am happy to support Kelly Moller to be our next representative in the Minnesota House.

As a woman who stands up to face the challenges of running for office and serving in the Legislature, she is the role model I want for girls and for all of us.

As a mom who fights for quality education in schools where the mental health needs of students are also a priority, Kelly Moller demonstrates a commitment to a better today, and a better tomorrow for kids and families.

As an advocate for health care coverage for all, Kelly Moller recognizes how health care is a human right; we can’t live without it!

Me and mine are voting for Kelly Moller. I hope you do too!


Carol Gariano




To the Editor:


House District 42A Rep. Randy Jessup professes support for public education, but actions speak louder than words. He was among Republicans that approved the omnibus education bill last spring that Gov. Dayton vetoed because of inadequate funding. With nearly two weeks still remaining in the session, Republicans refused to revise the bill, despite their earlier public assurances supporting at least a 2 percent increase in the state per-pupil formula.

Jessup and fellow Republicans wouldn’t deliver on their promised level of public investment in education, even at a time when the state had a budget surplus. Their failure to address the 2018 public school and special education needs means larger class sizes, loss of programs, staff layoffs and higher property taxes.

This isn’t anything new. Jessup’s Republican predecessors, led by former Gov. Pawlenty, regularly underfunded public education and delayed school aids to balance the state budget, forcing our school districts to borrow money. Their current candidate for governor has proposed that vouchers or tax credits should be considered for private school students, further undermining public education.

Kelly Moller has put support for a strong system of public education, exemplified by our own Mounds View School District and students, at the top of her legislative agenda.  I’m a teacher, and that’s good news. Put Kelly Moller at the top of your list of candidates to vote for this November.


Bill Schultz

Arden Hills



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