LETTER: ‘No place for picking political sides’

To the Editor:


You can’t seem to read the paper or listen to the radio anymore without being inundated with political rhetoric and posturing from both sides. It’s sad to see some of this going on in our city race for council. 

City government is no place for picking political sides. It should be about who will listen to the information given and make an informed decision based on the information received for the broader benefit of the city. It’s not making decisions based on what party you support or what party supports you. This is why we support Bob Willmus for re-election to the Roseville City Council and Dan Roe for re-election as our mayor. We have no idea what political side of the fence they favor, and that’s the way it should be in city government. 

Even if they don’t favor a decision that is eventually agreed to by the council as a whole, they will go out and take part and participate in our community. They show up and support our city. They continue to work hard to make our city a better place for all of us. It would be sad to see this type of non-partisan leadership go away. We encourage you to join us and re-elect council member Bob Willmus and Mayor Dan Roe.


Mary and Dave Holt


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