LETTER: DFL endorsement is badge of honor for Groff

To the Editor:


In more than forty years as Roseville residents, we’ve never had the pleasure of voting for a DFL-endorsed candidate in a city election, but will proudly do so this November. Candidate Wayne Groff has been endorsed by the local Roseville DFL in his bid for city council. This is no badge of sinister “partisan politics” as has been the silly suggestion; rather, it is a declaration of support and commitment to Mr. Groff by the Minnesota political party that shares his beliefs in environmental stewardship, inclusivity and government transparency.

The DFL endorsement is no surprise, given Mr. Groff’s impressive history of community service in Roseville, including his long experience on the city’s Human Rights Commission and the city Planning Commission. His tenure on these important municipal bodies clearly demonstrates that he rejects the marginalization of any group or individual, and seeks clarity of vision and purpose for Roseville’s future. 

We find it fascinating that other candidates running for council are attempting to assign some sort of shame or blame to candidate Groff’s endorsement by the DFL. Is it that they themselves were not found worthy of endorsement that bothers them the most, or is it the clear emphasis that Mr. Groff will place on civil discourse, respectful collaboration, common decency and integrity in local government? 

All of these are signature characteristics of Minnesota’s DFL Party. We fail to see any “partisanship” in these values. Please join us in voting for Wayne Groff for Roseville City Council this November.  


Joe and Tara Guy


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