LETTER: Erickson and Utz are grounded in reality

To the Editor:


The League of Women Voters in New Brighton held a revealing forum on Oct. 1 for candidates for state representative. Questions came only from the audience. The candidates were Connie Bernardy and Susan Erickson for 41A and Mary Kunesh-Podein and Tim Utz for 41B. 

When asked about single-payer health care, Bernardy and Kunesh-Podein were bubbly optimistic without giving specifics or mentioning cost. 

Erickson zapped them both with a dose of reality. She pointed out that single payer could eliminate scores of private sector jobs and cost billions per year, plus require hefty new taxes. And why should we hand this responsibility to the state when the costly blunders of MNLARS and MNSure are still fresh?  

Furthermore, Erickson related a personal experience that a cousin in Sweden waited eight months for a needed gall bladder operation. The trouble with single payer is that the state has its own priorities, and doctors and patients often come second to bureaucracy.

A question about the purpose of government prompted Kunesh-Podein to answer that it was to take care of our “woes.” Tim Utz, an independent candidate, answered that the purpose of government is spelled out in the Minnesota Constitution and we need to get back to basics by staying within the limited scope of government. We must avoid monstrous and inefficient programs.

Susan Erickson and Tim Utz came well prepared and are well grounded in reality. They will serve well in the Legislature. They deserve your vote on Nov. 6.


Richard “Rick” Moses

New Brighton

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