NEWSBRIEF: Recreational fires — keeping it safe

The autumn weather often means a backyard fire. Roseville allows backyard fires for recreation purposes — cooking or family/friends gatherings. Unfortunately, some people try to burn leaves, twigs or small branches in the backyard fire pit.

In Roseville, open burning is prohibited, and state statute prohibits burning yard waste or trash in a fire pit or barbecue. Leaves, twigs and paper can become airborne and spread a fire. Treated or painted wood, wood products and building waste add pollutants to the air.

If you are planning a cookout or campfire, please follow the recreational fire rules:

• Have a responsible adult attend the fire.

• Keep a minimum distance of 25 feet from the fire to a structure or property line.

• Store anything combustible three or more feet away from the fire.

• Fires may be used for cooking, social or recreational purposes only.

• Fires may not be larger than three feet in diameter.

• Fires may not last for more than four hours.

• The only permitted fuels are charcoal and logs.

• Trash, debris, grass, tree trimmings or similar materials may not be burned in the fire.

Fires not complying with the above are in violation of state statute and local ordinance. In Roseville, call 651-484-1267 if you have concerns about someone burning something illegally. If a fire gets out of hand, call 911 before attempting to douse the flames.

Visit or call 651-792-7342 for additional recreational fire guidelines.

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