South-West Review police reports published October 29, 2018

Inver Grove Heights


Officers conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Upper 55th Street and Highway 52 southbound ramp Oct. 17. After investigation, a 37-year-old woman was arrested for DUI.


Teen thieves

On Oct. 17, officers responded to the 7800 block of Cahill Avenue for a theft in progress. Two juvenile males stole items. One was located and cited. The identity of the second is still under investigation.



Officers were dispatched to the intersection of 75th Street and Concord Boulevard Oct. 18 for a car accident. It was determined one of the parties involved was impaired — a 74-year-old man was arrested and charged with fourth degree DWI.


Not me

On Oct. 18, a woman reported that she lost her phone and an unknown suspect used a photo of her debit card and placed $120 on a cash application.


Dump and run

Sometime between Oct. 19 and Oct. 20, someone dumped a dresser, children’s toys, clothing and other items including Comcast internet and cable boxes on the corner of 55th Street and 55th Street court. The cable boxes were taken back to Comcast and the other items were discarded. Names of people were found on the items and follow-up charges may be issued.


Forged checks

Between Oct. 1 and Oct. 20, an unknown suspect forged checks from a 53-year-old man.


Mendota Heights

Little nap time

Officers saw a car parked in the northbound lane of Dodd Road Oct. 13 near Mendota Heights Road facing the opposite direction with a sleeping driver at the wheel. The officers woke up the driver and found her to be intoxicated. After performing standard field sobriety tests, the driver was arrested for DWI. 


Can’t have that

On Oct. 14, an officer pulled a vehicle over for driving at night with no headlights on near Interstate 35E and 494. The driver was arrested for DWI, but that wasn’t the only strike. The driver also provided a false name to police and a handgun was found in his possession. The suspect was found to be a felon and was therefore charged for being a felon in possession of a handgun.


Not a nice friend

A call came in Oct. 16 from someone reporting a friend had taken a brand new PS4 console from her house in the 1000 block of Esther Lane while she brought her children to school.


Phony check

Officers responded Oct. 17 to the 1300 block of Mendota Heights Road concerning a fraud report. The bank for this business had contacted them regarding a check using the business name and account information. Further checking indicated the check was not authorized by the business. There was no loss since the check was declined by the bank.


Steal and dash

An employee from a moving company had a backpack stolen from an apartment in the 700 block of South Plaza Way Oct. 17. The suspect is a driver from Door Dash. The theft was caught on video, but it didn’t show a vehicle license plate number.


South St. Paul


A woman reported Oct. 17 that someone had broken into her mother’s apartment at a senior living building in the 700 block of 19th Avenue North. During the past couple months, the woman and her sister noticed items missing — their mother has dementia and is not fully aware. The woman spoke with staff and was told an employee was suspected of the thefts and had been fired.



A hit-and-run occurred Oct. 17 in the 300 block of 12th Avenue South. A man reported a red pickup truck had backed up into his parked vehicle and then left, damaging his front grill. 


Broken window

On Oct. 20, an officer was dispatched to the 200 block of Grand Avenue for damage to property. The officer spoke with a woman who said her vehicle’s passenger side sliding door window had been broken in the past few days. It appeared the window was struck with a blunt object. The woman believed she parked her vehicle in the garage sometime on Oct. 18 and the damage occurred between then and when she reported it.


Thanks for the damage

A man called police Oct. 22 from the 300 block of Seventh Avenue to report the roofing company working on his neighbor’s house was causing damage. When the officer arrived on scene, he saw a tarp in the yard loaded with roofing material and a satellite dish from the other house. There was also denting and cracking to the siding on the caller’s house where shingles had allegedly been thrown from the neighboring house. The man said he didn’t give permission for the workers to enter his property and place the tarp there. 


Warrant arrest

On Oct. 22, officers responded to the 200 block of Sixth Street for a 911 hangup. The reporting party had called because he believed to be having an allergic reaction. The man was checked out by medics and refused transport to a hospital. The officer ran a routine check and found the man had two active felony warrants. He was placed under arrest and transported to Dakota County Jail.



West St. Paul

Too much hassle

A man called police Oct.17 to see if they had arrested anyone with a large air compressor in the area. An officer told the man he didn’t believe so. The man was calling because one had been stolen from his garage in the 800 block of Deppe Street. When the officer started asking for details about it, the caller said he didn’t want to file a report because it “was too much of a hassle,” he’d just go buy a new one.


Lock the door

On Oct. 19, a woman in the 1000 block of Humboldt Avenue reported that her vehicle had been rummaged through overnight. She said the vehicle was unlocked and stuff was thrown on the floor. Nothing appeared to be missing. 


Green thief

A woman called police from the 200 block of Moreland Avenue Oct. 20 after overhearing three or four male voices say they were going to steal trees at the school. 


Burn, baby, burn

Someone reported a metal picnic bench had been burned Oct. 21 in the 1000 block of Gorman Avenue. The man who called it in said the table was scorched and said a group of kids go to the park every day and believed they may have had something to do with it.


 Hit again

A woman called police Oct. 22 from Conver Street after her car was broken into overnight. She told police when she went out to her car that morning it had been ransacked. She thinks only a small amount of loose change was stolen. She did leave her door unlocked. The woman told police her mother’s vehicle, which was parked in the street a few weeks ago, had been rummaged through as well and the thief possibly urinated in it. The woman said the floor mats in the back were wet in her car and believes the person who went through her vehicle possibly urinated on her mats as well but wasn’t sure.


Facebook scam

On Oct. 22, a woman called police after someone named Devon Mauer on Facebook sent her a $2,100 check that later bounced. She never sent any money back, and the Facebook account was gone. Police advised the woman she had been scammed.


Pick up your trash

A woman reported Oct. 23 that for the last month, someone had been leaving trash in front of her door in the 900 block of Robert Street. She said someone has been dumping garbage and pizza boxes outside her apartment door. There were cameras that would show who was doing it.


Pricy theft

Multiple pieces of equipment were taken from two separate storage areas in the 1600 block of Oakdale Avenue totaling over $40,000. One piece of equipment was found in a port-a-potty.



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