South-West Review police reports published December 3, 2018

Inver Grove Heights

Identity theft

An identity theft report was made Nov. 21.



Several reports of damage to property were made in the 5500 block of Bishop Avenue Nov. 21.


Stolen phone

A woman reported her phone had been stolen by a man she met on a dating website Nov. 21. The theft occurred in the 3500 block of 78th Street.



Four vehicles were tampered with in the 5500 block of Bishop Avenue Nov. 20 and a suspicious vehicle was seen leaving the scene.



On Nov. 21, officers stopped a vehicle at the intersection of Dickman Trail and Upper 71st Street East. A 32-year-old man was arrested for DWI.




Please move

A parking complaint was made Nov. 22 in the 7700 block of Dickman Trail. The vehicle was towed.


Stolen cigs

A report came in Nov. 23 from the 7000 block of Robert Trail regarding stolen cigarettes. The suspect left the area when police arrived but surveillance footage was obtained.


Warrant arrest

A traffic stop was conducted in the 5600 block of Bishop Avenue Nov. 25, and a man was arrested for an outstanding warrant as a result. He was released after paying bond.


South St. Paul

Smashed window

Sometime between Nov. 19 and 20, someone smashed the window of a vehicle parked in the 700 block of Fourth Avenue. It did not appear the vehicle had been searched.


Under arrest

On Nov. 20, a vehicle was pulled over in the area of Concord Street and Bircher Avenue for speeding and a headlight not working. The driver admitted to not having a driver’s license. He also had nine, failure-to-appear listings on his driving record. The man was cited for driving after revocation and placed under arrest due to the numerous failures to appear in court.


Free concert

An officer met with a woman Nov. 23 who said someone used her debit card on Nov. 21 to make a roughly $350 purchase from Ticketmaster in Los Angeles. There was no information on what was purchased. The woman reported it to her bank, which reversed the charges, but needed a police report. 




On Nov. 25, an officer saw a vehicle traveling between 42 and 47 mph in a 35 mph zone in the 1200 block of Concord Street. The vehicle was pulled over, and the officer could smell the odor of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle. The driver’s eyes were bloodshot and watery. The driver admitted to having two beers around 10 p.m. — he was pulled over around 1 a.m. The driver did not pass field sobriety tests or a breath test, which registered .12 at 2:15 a.m. 


West St. Paul

A visitor

A call came in from the 200 block of Emerson Avenue Nov. 18 about a suspicious man walking around in a cul-de-sac. The man who called said the mystery character was looking in a window of a home. Police caught up with the man and confirmed his story the home he was knocking and looking into was his sister’s, who he was trying to visit.


Possible creepiness

A woman called police Nov. 18 from a business in Signal Hills after she thought she saw a camera or microphone in the bathroom above the sink. An officer was able to turn the senor off and see all information related to it. The officer discovered there were no audio or visual wires. Turned out the “device” was a motion sensor for the bathroom.


Doesn’t look good

An employee of a business in the 1000 block of Dodd Road called police Nov. 18 after two young men left the bathroom after locking themselves in there for 20 minutes. The pair stumbled out of the bathroom and there was blood on the toilet and floor. The caller was concerned they used drugs in the bathroom, as he thought one person looked heavily impaired.


Let me in

On Nov. 20, a call came in about a woman trying to kick in a door in the 1900 block of Oakdale Avenue as well as pulling alarms in a hallway. The caller said the woman chased her through the hallways and punched her.


You want how much?

A store manager called police Nov. 21 from the 1600 block of Robert Street about a customer who was being disruptive and wouldn’t leave after being upset about a price. The man was gone when police arrived.


Grown adults

A call came in Nov. 21 from the 1400 block of Bidwell Street from a man who said he and his roommate were having a disagreement. Turns out it was a verbal argument over dishes. An officer spoke with both parties and they were able to work it out.


Don’t text and drive

On Nov. 22, an officer saw a vehicle on Robert Street with a driver holding a cell phone up by his face. The officer pulled the driver over and cited him for not having a Minnesota driver’s license, no insurance and for texting while driving.


A lovely Thanksgiving

A call came in Nov. 22 from the 300 block of Marie Avenue after two women began yelling at each other. One woman could be heard saying, “I dare you.” It turned out to be a family argument over food — both parties separated.



A man in a store in the 1700 block of Robert Street was stealing items Nov. 23, which he had done before. The man was stopped by an employee and cooperated.


Want some?

A call came in Nov. 23 from the area of Livingstone Avenue and Bernard Street by a man who said another man tried to sell heroin to his son and friend. The boys didn’t know who the man was.




Finders fee

A man reported Nov. 26 that he left his wallet at his girlfriend’s house Nov. 20 and she was not giving it back. His credit card was later used at a local business.


Hair check

A call came in Nov. 26 from the 1200 block of Robert Street from a woman who said she was being harassed by a man and woman, who claimed she was looking into their car. The pair allegedly threatened to beat her up. The woman told police the pair asked if she was looking for something, and she told them she was just checking her hair and didn’t realize they were in the car.


Acting strange

On Nov. 26, a man in a Subway restaurant appeared to be intoxicated and someone told security they saw a razor blade and pill drop out of his pocket. The man was sitting at a table and was previously “dancing around the store and acting strange.” Security said they would keep an eye on him and call back if he left. The man finished his sandwich and went on his way.


Possible stolen phone

A call came in Nov. 27 from a woman who bought a phone the previous night from a woman. When she took the phone to a cell phone store, they told her the phone was either stolen or something was wrong with it. An officer told her he would contact the person who she purchased the phone from to get additional information to unlock the phone.


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