South-West Review police reports published February 11, 2019

Inver Grove Heights


On Jan. 30, officers responded to a report of a domestic assault. A 28-year-old man was arrested.


Warrant arrest

Officers responded to the 3000 block of 80th Street Jan. 31. A 20-year-old woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant.


On Feb. 1, a traffic stop was conducted at Highway 62 and Robert Trail. A 38-year-old woman was arrested on two warrants.


Just separate

On Feb. 1, officers were dispatched to the 6800 block of Craig Court for a domestic. Two brothers had gotten into an argument over video games – they were separated for the evening.


Stolen identity

Between Jan. 19 and Feb. 1, someone’s Social Security number and name were used without their permission to open an account with Sprint.


Tech theft

On Jan. 26, a man went into a store in the 7800 block of Amana Trail and took two web cameras and a computer. Concealing them in a duffel bag, he walked out of the store with them.


Get some insurance

A 24-year-old woman was cited for not having insurance and her vehicle was towed Feb. 1 after officers conducted a traffic stop near the intersection of Babcock Trail and Upper 55th Street.


Recovered car

A vehicle fled from police Feb. 2. The incident began at the Corner Store and the vehicle was later located at the intersection of 71st Street and Borman Avenue.


They did what?

On Feb. 3, two younger men attempted to steal a Chevrolet Suburban from the 5400 block of Brewer Lane by drilling out the ignition. The resident saw them inside the vehicle and chased after them before slipping on ice.


They took my money

Between Feb. 1 and Feb. 2, someone stole funds from a Social Security account using an ATM machine and pin. The victim came to the department to file a report as required by the Social Security Administration.


Move the car

Several cars were towed or ticketed for violating the winter parking ordinance Feb. 6. 


Mendota Heights


An officer pulled a vehicle over in the 1400 block of Robert Trail South while working on DWI enforcement Jan. 25. After administering field sobriety tests, the driver was arrested for DWI and booked into Dakota County Jail.


Vehicle vs. deer

A vehicle was heading southbound on Delaware Avenue approaching Huber Drive Jan. 26 when a deer ran in front of the vehicle, was struck, and then ran off. The vehicle sustained extensive damage. The deer was found later and had died.


Helping others

Officers with the West St. Paul Police Department requested extra officers to assist them with a burglary in progress Jan. 26. Officers assisted with locating and arresting a suspect. Officers also found the suspect’s vehicle — both the suspect and vehicle were turned over to the West St. Paul Police Department. 


Warrant arrest

Officers saw a vehicle on Highway 62 at Interstate 35E Jan. 27 and conducted a query on it. It returned with a warrant out of Chisago County for a DWI warrant. The vehicle was stopped, the driver identified, and arrested for the warrant.


Punches thrown

On Jan. 29, officers were dispatched to a fight in the 1000 block of Highway 62. One person punched the reporting party and left on foot. Officers stopped the person and arrested him for assault — he was brought to Dakota County Jail.


South St. Paul

Thanks for warming it up

On Jan. 24, a man reported he left his vehicle parked in the street in the 100 block of Fifth Avenue running with the keys in the ignition for five minutes. When he returned, the vehicle was gone. 


Another call came in Feb. 1 from the 1900 block of Fourth Street from a man who reported that after starting his truck and leaving it running in the driveway unlocked and keys in the ignition, someone stole the vehicle.


Slip sliding

On Jan. 28, someone attempted to slow down while traveling downhill in the 700 block of 10th Avenue but slid into a yard and struck a tree. 


Multiple whoops

On Jan. 24, an officer responded to the area of Concord Place and Stewart Avenue for a driving complaint. The caller reported that a car full of kids was doing donuts on Concord Place and struck another vehicle. The officer found the car traveling on Congress Street. After the vehicle hit a stop sign and another car, three occupants ran out in different directions. One of the kids was eventually located.


Road rage

A man called police Jan. 24 after an altercation with another man down the block from his residence on Concord Place. The man said he was driving when he saw a vehicle stopped in the roadway. When the other vehicle began to move forward, the man started to as well, but the other vehicle abruptly stopped and the caller’s vehicle slide into it causing minor damage. The teen driving said he could do what he wanted when asked by the man why he was stopped. The teen yelled and swore at the man. Officers spoke with a resident who saw what happened and described it the same way the man had. 


Warrant arrest

Officers went to serve a warrant in the 100 block of Macarthur Street Jan. 24. When they arrived, a woman informed police the man they were looking for was downstairs. As officers got into the kitchen, one noticed two men attempting to flee out through the garage door. Police were able to get the man, and the other man who fled with him was arrested for obstructing a legal process. 


On Feb. 1, an officer saw a vehicle make a turn signal violation on Armor Avenue. The officer pulled the vehicle over, and when a search of the driver’s name revealed he had an outstanding Anoka County warrant, the man was arrested. 


Family scam

An officer spoke with a woman Jan. 25 who reported that someone from an unknown number had called her and said they had were a family member who needed money to pay a fine in Mexico. She sent money to the caller, who claimed to be her cousin — she sent $3,240. She attempted to cancel the transaction when she realized it was a scam but it has already been processed.  


West St. Paul

Funny money

A woman called police Jan. 30 to report she had a man at a business in the 1100 block of Robert Street with fraudulent $20 bills. The man said he got them from a nearby business and was cooperative.


Cat fight

A call came in Jan. 30 about two women possibly fighting. The caller was concerned about the safety of children, as one of the women was overheard threatening to hit children.


Wait, she’s mad about what?

On Jan. 30, a woman was yelling inside a business in the 1700 block of Robert Street. She was yelling at staff and was calling people racist. She left prior to police arrival.


Where’s my car?

A man called police Feb. 1 from Emerson Avenue after his vehicle, which has been last seen the previous morning, went missing from a lot. The man checked with a towing company and they didn’t’ have it. The man had the only keys and was not behind on any payments. An officer called the towing company again and found out the vehicle had been towed but not entered into their system. 



A call came in Feb. 1 after a woman noticed a stop sign laying in her yard in the area of Hall Avenue and Arion Street. The sign was placed back into position as best as it could be.



A woman called police Feb. 1 from the 1200 block of Robert Street after seeing people trying to light a can on fire in front of a business. The woman could see flames coming out of what looked like a garbage can. Turns out it was a New Years celebration, in which burning “money” as an offering for the new year takes place.


Don’t look

On Feb. 2, police received a call from the 1600 block of Robert Street about a man in a store yelling and threating to kill people. Police spoke with other people involved who said the man was angry at customers for looking at him.



A woman called police Feb. 2 from the 1800 block of Scott Lane about a man who was sitting in a hallway on the phone. She had told him he couldn’t sit there, so he moved to another location. She went back and told him he couldn’t be in the hallway talking on the phone. The man may have come from another unit having a party. The man left, but the woman called back and said she wanted the music to stop. Police spoke with the occupants of the unit who agreed to turn the music down.


You can’t look

On Feb. 3, a call came in from the 1800 block of Robert Street about a woman committing theft. The caller reported that the woman tried to buy boots but her card got declined. When the manager tried to look in the bag, the woman said she couldn’t look and left the store. 


Very upset

An anonymous call came in Feb. 4 from the 200 block of Annapolis Street. The caller said they thought people were doing drugs in a van in the parking lot. The caller thought a known meth user was in the car and could see a lighter getting passed around — the caller was very upset according to the report. 


Police donation scam

A woman received a fake call from a fake police officer Feb. 5 who argued with her and requested a donation. The woman did not give the caller any information — she knew it was a scam and wanted the police to be aware of it.


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