Kath’s a no-brainer for any homeowner

At Kath Heating and Air, you’re getting decades of expert knowledge and a no-worries guarantee along with your new furnace or air conditioning unit.

And it's not at an added charge or a promotional schtick — that's just how Kath does business. They treat customers right, providing top-notch installation and service for heating, cooling and electrical jobs. They've got their customers' best interests at heart.

And as a factory-authorized dealer of Carrier products, they're hooked in with top-of-the-line furnaces.

"We would rather carry top-of-the-line products," says sales rep Jim Manos proudly. "That's what makes us different."

Lately, Kath has been lucky enough to provide customers with Carrier's new product, the I-Touch wifi thermostat. With the high-end thermostat, homeowners can rest easy when they decide to take a vacation in the dead of winter and still check in with their furnace remotely via an internet connection. And if anything does go wrong, they'll be notified immediately.

Homeowners can also arrange to have Kath's service staff alerted, too, so technicians can address the problem as soon as possible — no running home from warmer parts of the world.

Kath's proven know-how and steller service is the only way to become — and remain — an authorized Carrier dealer. They've had to continue a flawless customer service record and keep current with cutting-edge technology to maintain the "factory-authorized dealer" stamp of approval.

Kath has a strong reputation as a comprehensive service provider. They don't do any subcontracting, so you know that it will be respectful Kath service staff coming in to do work in your home. They take off their shoes, as well as using drop cloths and throw rugs to keep your home spotless.

"We do a clean job," Manos says.

They also do everything by the book, pulling permits, and they don't leave a job half done — all of their installations are turn-key operations, their licensed electricians do the electrical work themselves.

Kath employees are all veteran staff with years of experience. "We don't hire any newbies," Manos states. "We have long-term employees."

And as a result, Kath staff knows how to do all types of repairs and installations, and can even service old oil furnaces.

Kath also provides some services online. For instance, homeowners can easily order replacement air filters through the company's website, www.kathhvac.com. The filters, selected for quality and compatibility with the specified equipment, are then shipped directly to the house.

With a full line of high-quality products and a veteran staff, Kath is the obvious choice for heating, air conditioning and electrical work.

Want to talk to them about your home's needs? Stop by their showroom, enjoy a cup of coffee and talk face-to-face with a representative.

Kath Heating, A/C & Electrical
3100 Rice Street, Little Canada, MN

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