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Show off your smile with the help of Chalet Dental

Chalet Dental Care
1651 Dale St. N.
St. Paul, MN 55117

Many people might think it takes months, even years, for dental work to effectively transform their smiles. But near-instant results are possible with Chalet Dental.

Specializing in cosmetic dentistry, Chalet Dental in Roseville helps patients achieve confidence in their smiles, often within just a couple of office visits.

Owner Dr. Brent Fredrickson notes the practice offers a plethora of options such as clear, removable Invisalign braces, veneers and implants. Chalet Dental also provides same-day crowns and can fix unsightly gaps and broken teeth after just one or two trips to the office. Additionally, chairside whitening delivers optimal results for even the most stained teeth.

“People might not realize how quickly they can change their appearance,” Fredrickson notes. “And the overall appearance of your teeth has a huge effect on how young you look.”

Because dentists have in-depth knowledge of facial muscles and facial expressions, Chalet Dental also offers Botox treatments to compete against the signs of aging. Patients will generally see an improvement in their appearance within two to eight days after treatments, and Fredrickson notes the treatments are less invasive than most procedures offered by plastic surgeons, such as face lifts.

All in one place

In addition to providing cosmetic dentistry, Chalet Dental Care also treats patients with gum problems. Periodontist Dr. Hema Menon specializes in rebuilding and contouring patients’ gum lines. She also replaces missing teeth with dental implants. Chalet Dental performs a wide range of procedures all in one location.

“We pretty much do everything in one place,” says patient care coordinator Bridget LaBahn.

In treating a wide range of conditions, Chalet Dental makes patients’ comfort a top priority. Electric instruments used by dentists and hygienists are quieter than ever, digital scanning has replaced the messy, foul-tasting molding material previously used for tooth impressions, and digital X-rays can now be taken without film being placed in the patient’s mouth.

“We have state of the art equipment for everything.” LaBahn explains.

The Chalet Dental office, with its calming earthtones, warm decor and skylights, makes patients feel more like they’re taking a trip to the spa than the dentist.  The friendly staff contributes to the office’s relaxed atmosphere.

Many patients have been coming to Chalet Dental for years, and enjoy seeing the familiar faces of receptionists and experienced hygienists and dentists they’ve become comfortable with over time. The practice initially opened in 1973 and became Chalet Dental in 1984.

“Patients are like family here, ” says office manager Lori Scheller, who joined the practice in 1978.

Call to schedule a complimentary consultation to find out how Chalet Dental can help transform your smile, because as Fredrickson says: “Your smile makes you feel good inside and out.”

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