Quality, affordable care for the whole family at Dental Associates of St. Paul

Dental Associates of St. Paul offers affordable dental services and is conveniently located at the corner of East 7th Street and White Bear Avenue along two major bus lines.

Dr. Zeynep, Dental Associates of St. Paul’s new pediatric dentist.

Dental Associates of St. Paul has an on-site lab that specializes in creating dentures and partial dentures.

Dental Associates of St. Paul
1790 7th St E 
St Paul, MN 55119

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Dentists know when it comes to forming good oral hygiene habits — the earlier the better. And the staff at Dental Associates of St. Paul are committed to helping parents understand the impact that early dental care can have on their children’s overall health.

When practiced early, good oral hygiene habits can help prevent painful, expensive procedures down the road, notes Dental Associates owner Dr. Gregory Swenson. That’s why he recommends children see a dentist as early as possible, preferably before age 3.

“It’s so fundamental, and you’ve got to get kids off on the right foot,” Dr. Swenson explains. “Early detection of potential problems is important.”

Hygienists and dentists on staff at the group practice, including Dr. Zeynep, a pediatric dentist and faculty member of the University of Minnesota Dental School, are experts when it comes to providing children’s care and communicating with parents about what needs to be done to keep their children’s teeth healthy.
And even if parents are conscientious about their children’s oral hygiene, it never hurts to have good habits reinforced, Dr. Swenson notes.

“Dental health relates so much to your overall health,” he adds.

But parents concerned about the cost of dental care needn’t worry. Dental Associates of St. Paul, conveniently located along two major bus routes on the corner of East Seventh Street and White Bear Avenue, offers quality service at an affordable price and regularly treats patients who use state-funded insurance, private insurance or cash.

To provide the greatest amount of accessibility, the office is open six days a week with morning, afternoon and evening appointments available Monday through Friday, and morning and afternoon appointments available on Saturday. Dental Associates of St. Paul also offers easy parking in its rear parking lot, and has interpreters available for patients who don’t speak English.

A coordinated team effort between receptionists, seven hygienists and seven dentists at Dental Associates of St. Paul means getting the quality dental care you need is easy — from scheduling your appointment all the way through receiving your care. And there’s no need to feel the stereotypical “dentist dread,” when visiting Dental Associates. The experienced staff has handled a wide variety of complicated dental problems and is trained in emergency care.

However, Dental Associates Administrator Mark Borglum notes that it’s not advisable to postpone necessary dental procedures.

“People will tend to wait until they feel pain,” says Borglum, adding that it’s important to address problems early on.

In addition to being able to address a wide range of dental problems, Dental Associates also has an on-site lab that creates dentures and partial dentures, and receives ongoing advice from a full-time specialist, Dr. Adarve.

A recent expansion of its lab is just one example of how Dental Associates not only seeks to directly improve the dental health of their patients, but the health of the community overall. Dental Associates has reached out to schools to start dental health education programs and is active in the local business community, churches and neighborhood as well.

“We’re not here for a short period of time. We’re here for the long term, and we want to be deeply involved in the community,” Dr. Swenson says.

Don’t wait to take care of your teeth. Improve the health of you and your family by calling the experienced and friendly professionals at Dental Associates to set up an affordable consultation.

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