PROGRESS 2014: New Brighton Family Dentistry

The friendly staff at New Brighton Family Dentistry are eager to make your next appointment as comfortable as possible. Top row, left to right: dental assistants Brandi and Kryten, Dr. Grayson West, dental assistant Marie. Bottom row, left to right: dental hygienist Petra, dental assistant Danielle, dental hygienist Dani.

New Brighton Family Dentistry has Dr. Grayson West as its friendly dentist. The practice has been West’s since last November and is located on Silver Lake Road.

At New Brighton Family Dentistry...Your smile matters!

New Brighton Family Dentistry
2459 – 15th St. NW, Suite C
New Brighton, MN 55112

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Dr. Grayson West always wanted to be a dentist like his dad, and today he has own practice in New Brighton.

He took over the practice when Dr. Mark Finney retired in November and is treating many of the practice’s former patients, who appreciate the continuation of top-quality care, the same experienced staff and the same warm welcome they’ve come to expect.

Dr. West assures patients that a visit to the dentist should be a comfortable experience. “Our job is to put people at ease,” he says.  “We want to evaluate and educate the patient, have them understand the benefits of the work we are recommending. And  we know how to prevent pain.”

Say a filling is needed, for example. It won’t be like the fillings of old. Silver is out of the game and with today’s technology, white fillings produce a stronger, faster bond to the teeth without the unsightly look of metal.

And gone are the half-day appointments to have a crown made. “It’s one appointment, an hour and a half, from start to finish,” West explains.

And, if patients at other dental practices would like a second opinion and have x-rays to show Dr. West, he’ll outline his recommendations at no cost.

Attention: young families

Here’s some advice for parents of new children: “Start them off by getting them acquainted with the dental office right away,” says Dr. West. “It’s important for kids to establish a comfort level early. Bring them in even at six months if they have gotten that first tooth,” he says, “or by their first birthday at the latest.”

Modern dentistry has discovered that even if cavities are “just in baby teeth,” they can affect the permanent teeth coming in behind them. It’s never too early to start ensuring those teeth will be healthy for a lifetime. 

And when the kids, or even you, are ready to get a smile straightened, Invisalign is today’s answer to the metal braces of days gone by.

The Invisalign treatment is a plastic aligner alternative to traditional braces. It’s transparent, removable and even includes teeth whitening materials for use at home. Whether you want to improve your smile, or just straighten a single tooth, Invisalign uses graduated aligners created for each patient to gradually shift everything into place. 

(Article writer’s disclaimer: At the end of our interview, Dr. West told me that he was wearing Invisalign aligners. I had no idea. They truly are invisible.)

Making it easy

New Brighton Family Dentistry accepts all private dental insurance plans which typically cover preventive care.

And don’t put off treatments or procedures if work is required. The costs can be handled through Care Credit Financing at 0 percent interest for up to 24 months.

That’s Dr. West’s goal: to make caring for your teeth painless — on all levels.

‘We want to evaluate and educate the patient, have them understand the benefits of the work we are recommending. And  we know how to prevent pain.’


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