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The staff at Scenic Hills Animal Hospital understand that your pet’s health is key to your family’s happiness.

That’s why they do their best to take extra special care of your pet when he or she needs it.

“We cater to every pet’s needs,” says Dr. Amber Krahmer, Scenic Hill’s newest veteriarian, who began working for the hospital in April 2013. Dr. Krahmer works alongside Dr. Mary McCarl and a close-knit team of veterinary technicians to provide personalized care for your companion animals.

“We work really well as a team,” Dr. McCarl says.

Krahmer and McCarl, graduates of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, credit their alma mater for their like-minded approach toward veterinary practices. And both veterinarians emphasize the importance of preventative medicine.

“To prevent health issues from ever occurring is the best approach,” says Dr. Krahmer.

Scenic Hills’s Pet Annual Wellness (PAW) plans offer the preventative care services your pet needs to stay healthy throughout the year. PAW plans include semi-annual comprehensive wellness exams, vaccinations, screenings, blood tests and more.

The plans offer significant discounts on pet care and the option to spread out payments over time, making preventative care easy and affordable for you and your pet.

Scenic Hills is also committed to early diagnosis. Their well-equipped, in-house lab combined with the efficiency of their staff allows for same-day results on blood work, X-rays and more.

“It’s nice for owners who are worried about their sick animal,” Dr. Krahmer notes. “You can get the answer right away.”

The hospital also has a full surgery, where the doctors perform dental work, spaying and neutering and other standard procedures. For non-standard procedures, Scenic Hills brings in specialists to the hospital, saving pets the added anxiety of traveling to an unfamiliar facility.

Happy Pets, happy families

The staff at Scenic Hills understand that the first step toward healthy pets is educated owners, which is why they see themselves not just as caregivers, but counselors as well.

“The health of the animal is the most important thing,” Dr. Krahmer says, which is why veterinarians and veterinary technicians get to know owners and their pets to provide personalized care and education.

“That’s something I appreciate about working here,” Dr. McCarl adds. “You get to know the people, the families and the pets.”

Dr. Krahmer and Dr. McCarl spend time with pet owners to teach them about basic care, nutrition and medication. They also inform new owners about vaccinations, housetraining and behavior.

“If we teach everyone how to do potty-training, basic care and socializing early on,” Dr. McCarl says, “then hopefully they’ll be a happy family.”

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