State Farm: The stable foundation you need to stretch for your goals

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Clients who walk into Hank Allworden’s State Farm office in Roseville may have forgotten why they chose State Farm in the first place, as they’re greeted by new faces in the front office.

After all, they’re accustomed to having their insurance in Allworden’s and longtime advisor Pa Vang’s hands, and the variety of financial products, flexibility to alter plans when their needs change and fast response time have become something they expect.

But that strength, speed and broad selection are no accident, Allworden points out.

“State Farm is number 44 in Fortune 500 companies,” he notes, adding that his team — consisting of trusted agents Stacy Ostendorf, Serena Rebechini and Vang — is the main reason behind the success of his local office.

“Our mission is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams,” Allworden explains. “Our success is built on a foundation of shared values, quality service and relationships, mutual trust, integrity and financial strength.”

That mission translates into policies that fit. Newlyweds with a first apartment can find affordable renter’s insurance that protects all those gifts and new purchases. Young families can know their homes and autos are insured and repairs or replacement will be hassle-free. And, later, they can rest assured their loved ones will be provided for with a thoughtfully-planned life policy.

But State Farm offers much more, Allworden says. Part of the security he can offer  is financial planning and financial products such as low-interest loans to help people map out and fuel their financial journeys.

Business owners know better than anyone that margins are slim, liabilities are many and finding someone to give the time and attention to their particular needs and safeguard every aspect is invaluable. That’s why Allworden is a trusted partner in the success of many local ventures.

“Being an agent is a great source of pride for me. Every day, we have an opportunity to meet with people, uncover their needs and offer solutions,” he adds.

Allworden has been with State Farm for 23 years, spending 10 as a claim superintendent and 13 as an agent serving the St. Paul area. His hard work let him open his own office in the shopping center next to the Roseville licensing center. It offers private consulting areas for individuals and groups or families to discuss the vital questions Allworden can answer.

The office also participates in safe-driving programs, offering the “Steer Clear” curriculum to Roseville Area High School classes. Not only do they cover driving safety, they outline the costs a young driver will have to pay for insurance — as well as the discounts they can earn with top grades.

It’s a community effort, Allworden says, and the community has responded. Last year, his agency was “Best Insurance Provider” in the Review’s Readers’ Choice survey.

It’s no wonder that by the time clients leave Hank Allworden’s State Farm office in Roseville, they know they — and maybe their neighbor — will be coming back.

“A referral is the greatest compliment we can get,” Allworden says with a smile.

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