A one-stop shop for home decorating

Lynn and Ted Natus, owners of Hamernick’s Decorating Center, offer products and service you won’t find at big-box stores.


At a big box retailer, if you’re lucky enough to find a clerk, there’s a good chance he or she will be new to the job and won’t have the answers you need when it comes to home decorating options. 

By contrast, when you walk into Hamernick’s Decorating Center, you’ll be greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable staff that can provide expertise on any decorating project. They can assist you with any number of services -- from selecting just the right hardwood, vinyl, tile, stone or laminate flooring, new counter tops and window treatments, to a fresh coat of paint for your home. 

Hamernick’s has every decorating need covered, and its prices are comparable to those found at the sprawling big box stores. They also offer 12 month special financing.

The six interior designers on staff provide expert advice and help customers find the look that fits their home, family and lifestyle. 

By providing top-quality in-store service, products and installation, it’s no surprise Hamernick’s customers keep returning to the store when they need to replace worn flooring, want to update window treatments or are simply ready for an overall new look. 

They even have an additional building located across the street from their home office that houses their company’s Mill District warehouse with rolls of carpet, tile and vinyl. They also have a commercial show room in order to provide customers with everything they need all in the same area.  


“Cannot thank you enough for the exceptional service and installation Hamernick’s provided for our recent carpet install. We are very happy — it’s like a whole new house!” 

—Chris R.


“They were on time, friendly, and took time to do a good job on the floor. 

In these times when choices are many, it’s the service I received at Hamernick’s that will make me a returning customer.” 

—Jason D.


“Great service from a local, family-owned business. Thank you Hamernick’s!” 

—Dan A.

Lasting neighborhood legacy

The community-oriented business has been around for more than 50 years, building a strong reputation around its store in the North End neighborhood of St. Paul and all over the metro area. 

Hamernick Decorating has been on Rice Street ever since it opened. When owners Ted and Lynn Natus purchased the business from the original founder, Ed Hamernick, in 2000, they never hesitated to keep the company growing and innovating. 

Advancing Hamernick’s wasn’t a new task for Ted because he had worked for Ed Hamerkick for over 40 years before he and Lynn purchased the business from him. 

Ted provides a great example of the dedication Hamernick’s employees show to the company and that is something that hasn’t changed over the years. 

Ted and Lynn say their dedicated staff is what helps the business continue to move forward. 

“We are good to our employees, and they are good to our customers,” Lynn says.


Plans to grow

“We were voted one of the top 50 places to work in Minnesota,” Ted adds. 

Many employees have worked at Hamernick’s for a decade or more. And unlike most other commercial operations, all the Hamernick’s staff are experts in their specialty fields and have a wide knowledge of the products the company offers. 

After years of hard work and dedication, Ted, Lynn and their skilled staff have turned Hamernick’s into on of the area’s premiere decorating centers. Ted and Lynn have every intention to keep growing the company, and they plan to keep it in the same location. 

“Rice Street has made us what we are; the area has been so good to us. We have never thought of going anywhere else,” Ted says. 

For quality work provided by friendly and knowledgeable staff, head to Hamernick’s for your next decorating project. 




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