Teen sentenced for January road rage incident

Dillon Selbitschka, 19, of Maplewood was recently sentenced in Washington County Court for terroristic threat felony charges in a road rage incident that took place last winter in Oakdale.

A teenage motorist was driving on Tenth Street North Jan. 25 when Selbitschka began tailgating him. The driver told officers he did “tap” the brakes, and initially Selbitschka stopped tailgating him. However, when he got to Hadley Avenue, Selbitschka pulled up alongside the vehicle and waved what appeared to be a “long gun,” later discovered to be an airsoft rifle, at the vehicle.

The driver told police Selbitschka had either shot the gun or threw something at his vehicle, causing his front driver-side window to shatter.

The motorist was able to provide officers with a description of the vehicle and license plate number. Police contacted the listed owner of the vehicle, who told investigators her son, later identified as Selbitschka, was driving the vehicle at the time.

Selbitschka agreed to talk to an officer and said he had been driving on 10th Street North when the driver in front of him began “slamming” on his brakes and had given him the finger.

He admitted that he had tried to intimidate the other motorist by pointing his 2-foot-long airsoft gun out the window at the car. Additionally, he said, he had thrown an airsoft CO2 cartridge at the vehicle.

Selbitschka was convicted of making terroristic threats and sentenced to two years of probation. He has to perform community service, complete an anger management program and write an apology letter.

— Johanna Holub

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