Affordable home improvements that yield value

In addition to filling practical needs, home improvement projects often can increase the value of a home with minimal investment. Some projects add more value than others, however.
Knowing which ones will yield a nice return can be tricky. To help, the home improvement experts at Linear, a manufacturer of wireless residential systems and products, are advising homeowners on affordable modernization projects that add instant value to a home:

— Security Systems: When considering the cost versus return on investment, security systems offer instant value, since they increase a home’s market value, reduce homeowners insurance and install quickly and easily. Security system technology has really adapted to the modern lifestyle, so homeowners can now monitor and manage systems 24/7 from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

— Garage Door Operator: An updated garage door operator offers built-in safety features, ultra-quiet operation and other improvements that add significant value over an erratic and noisy older model. Often ignored, battery backup units on garage doors grant access during black-out conditions, something to appreciate during adverse weather conditions.

— Central Vacuum System: Homeowners with a central vacuum system enjoy more convenient cleaning and better air quality, but because it’s considered by many to be a luxury item, homes with a centralized vacuum system can see an increase in value by as much as two or three times the cost of the system. And installing a system can be practical, even on a budget, as systems come at a range of price points. For example, Linear offers both disposable bag and bagless central vacuums that vary in their cleaning capacity based on the size of a home.

— Whole-house/multi-room audio: Although a bit more expensive than other improvements, a distributed audio system is great for turning your home into an entertainment venue for hosting parties or supreme personal use.

— Video Intercoms: Especially useful for larger houses or work-from-home offices that get frequent deliveries, a video intercom is great for security and convenience to let homeowners know who’s at the door before revealing whether anyone is home. New models like Linear’s VMC-1 also send email or text alerts with pictures when a homeowner is away, giving snapshot views of who has come and gone. They also make a great first impression for people considering a home purchase and are affordable to install and operate.

More home improvement ideas, and a network of skilled installers who can finish your project quickly and affordably, can be found at

There are many different ways to affordably make your home stand out from a crowd and boost its value.

— StatePoint Media

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