Don’t let your water pipes freeze

Roseville Public Works staff remind residents to check your water pipes and meter if they are in marginally heated areas. We have had numerous calls with frozen pipes and meters which can get very expensive to replace or cause damage when they thaw.

• To prevent freezing, try to keep the pipes warm. Open vanities under sinks and raise the temperature in areas with exposed pipes by turning up your thermostat or using a space heater.

• If pipes leading to a particular faucet often freeze, turn on the cold tap so water trickles continuously during extremely cold weather.

• Use insulating wraps for water pipes near outside walls or have a plumber move pipes vulnerable to the cold.

• If you leave your house for an extended time during the winter, don’t turn off your heating system all the way.

If you have an ongoing problem with freezing pipes, you may want to make repairs to prevent this. Contact the Housing Resource Center at 651-486-7401 to get free technical assistance and estimated construction costs to make the necessary repairs. Services are free to Roseville residents.

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