Roseville Area High School students win national awards

Kennedy Hill, Drew Herther and Mitchell Morgan’s t-shirt creations received top awards at the Annual Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) Convention.

Three Roseville Area High School students recently took top honors at a national screen-printing competition.

Kennedy Hill, Drew Herther and Mitchell Morgan’s t-shirt creations were selected from among hundreds of national and international submissions at the Annual Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) Convention held in October. The Roseville students won three of the top six awards at the competition.

“It’s pretty surreal,” said Morgan. “It’s the first time anyone from our school entered this competition and to earn awards the first year is pretty incredible.”

Herther (Class of 2013) and Morgan (Class of 2014) worked together to design a complex, multi-color graphic, which they screen-printed themselves. Hill (Class of 2013) designed and printed her own t-shirt creation that showed two koi in an elaborate swirl of water.

The submissions were judged on the design itself, the number of colors used, the level of difficulty, the set-up of the screen-print, and the quality of the print.

All three students credit their media arts instructor at Roseville Area High School, Brian Hoag, for giving them the opportunity to develop the skills that earned them the SGIA awards.

“Because of his real-world experience combined with his teaching abilities, he can teach us skills at a level that is amazing,” said Herther.

Morgan echoed, “We have one of the best programs in the nation.”

In addition to teaching media arts, Hoag leads a small business, Raider Grafix, within the Roseville Area High School. Raider Grafix gives students the chance to learn screen-printing and design skills in addition to business skills.

“These are a skills not a lot of people our age know and it gives us a step up in the world,” shared Herther.

Hoag says he couldn’t be more proud of his students for what they have achieved.

“I’ve known for years how good the students are here,” said Hoag. “The problem was we never had the time to design for national competitions. Last year was the first time we had the time to do that and to come away with three awards is unprecedented.”

Morgan plans to continue pursuing print media at the Rochester Institute of Technology next year. Hill and Herther say they don’t plan to pursue screen-printing or graphic design as a career, but say they hope to keep up their media arts skills as a hobby.


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