Maplewood police expansion project makes progress

A few construction changes won’t affect construction process

As work in the Maplewood police station at City Hall continues, progress is being made, but not without some updates. The city council recently approved some small modifications to the construction agreement that won’t have any effect on the expected date of completion on the project.

The most expensive of the changes include flooring changes that will run for over $41,000. The carpeting will instead become concrete, and the doors will be changed to wood. The exterior doors will have changes. Altogether, that comes to a total of just over $17,000. The new lobby work removes about $41,000 from the original budget plan. In other words, the only added costs will come from the door changes, totaling out at an additional $17,000.

Changes to the lobby, however, are far from over, and work on a service center is still underway.

“It’s going to give the officers what they needed to do their work better,” said Maplewood Mayor Nora Slawik. “I recently went on a ride-along and I have a new appreciation for the police department. It was pretty wild.”

The added space, according to Slawik, will include extra areas where computer forensics can take place, extend the police locker room area, and also see a few changes to the police lobby area.

“It’s such a growing part of investigations, whether it’s Facebook or anything else,” Maplewood Police Chief Paul Schnell said of the technological updates. “The overall expansion included a small forensics lab where computers and other types of technology can be examined.”

—Tim Faklis


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