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Crist Langelett
The Chaplain’s Corner

Occasionally I take a walk in the Maplewood Mall on a Saturday afternoon, which is not my usual time for taking a walk. My favorite time to walk or run is in the morning. Taking a walk the Saturday before or after school is finished reveals some real changes.

Last Saturday, school age youth showed considerable stress and anxiety. Some year-end assignments and final tests were on their minds. This Saturday, the school year was history. The Mall was just about wall-to-wall people of all ages. Most looked relaxed. The eating places were full of people just relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Life has little areas of responsibility and large areas of the same. We might say that it has little hurdles and big hurdles. Every day we experience a variety of hurdles. If we have children, grandchildren or great grandchildren, we know that they face the same.  Hopefully we encourage and support them in a positive way. Yes, their hurdles are different than ours, but still hurdles.

We can and should remember that the world’s greatest supporter wants to help us every step and hurdle of the way. This morning at our men’s prayer breakfast, we divided into groups of three and four to pray. Each of us shared a request or two and then we prayed for each other.

As we share and pray for each other, we share each other’s needs and burdens. It is also good to know that our Lord shares in every need of every person, if we only ask. Thank you. Thank you, Lord. 

As we pray for our families, Christian brothers and sisters, neighbors, communities, cities, states and nation and the world, we can thank God that He hears us. His Word tells us directly or indirectly to pray for all of the above. Thank you Lord for the privilege of prayer.

Crist Langelett writes a monthly column on faith. He has served as chaplain for the City of North St. Paul, its police and fire departments and as a chaplain and Bible study leader at the Washington County jail. He is a founding member and volunteer at the North St. Paul Area Food Shelf.

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