New Brighton police see, laugh at, poorly hidden crime

courtesy of New Brighton Department of Public Safety • The New Brighton Department of Public Safety posted this picture to Facebook on June 16 of a poorly camouflaged, stolen U-Haul truck, barely-tucked away in Long Lake Park in New Brighton. “It’s really hard to hide a U-Haul in the woods,” the post said.

“Making cops laugh at the attempt to camouflage a U-Haul makes them happier,” said a June 16 Facebook post from the New Brighton Department of Public Safety. 

New Brighton police were dispatched to Long Lake Park the morning of June 16 on a report of a suspicious vehicle. Officers found a U-Haul in the woods, barely camouflaged with enough leafy branches to cover the entire truck.

“It’s really hard to hide a U-Haul in the woods,” the police sardonically advised in the post, adding a few more bits of wisdom, like “return said U-Haul when you were supposed to,” and “don’t drive without a licence.”

In a June 15 post, New Brighton police said the weekend before saw two instances of crimes coincidentally unfolding before a passing officer. 

Officer Brianna Riedel was on patrol and in position to intervene as two shoplifters came running out of Cub Foods. 

But the kicker came when officer Taylor Wodnick saw two people take off in a car from a gas station on Old Highway 8 after neglecting to pay for gas they’d just pumped. When Wodnick caught up to them, he found the passenger “pretending to be invisible under a blanket in the car,” according to the NBDPS. 

“He wasn’t,” the post said. 

Turns out the person doing a terrible job hiding under a blanket had multiple warrants out for his arrest. Said the post, “Ooops.”


— Solomon Gustavo

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