Inquiring Minds: Help, I’m having Downton Abbey withdrawal

Each week the staff at the Roseville Library answers more than 2,500 questions on every subject under the sun. Here’s one of the most interesting ones they’ve gotten lately.

Q. I was a huge Downton Abbey fan, and I’m still suffering withdrawal pains since it ended. Can you recommend some books for Downton Abbey fans? 

A. There will always be American fans of the fictional doings of the British aristocracy, and even the opportunity to watch the occasional Royal Wedding on TV does not fully satisfy the hunger for posh accents and blueblood lives. Fortunately, you can find some reading recommendations in the “Feature Articles” section of the Library’s reader advisory database called NoveList Plus. There you will find a list called “What to Read after Downton Abbey,” which includes suggestions like Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs books, the Brideshead Revisited series by Evelyn Waugh, and The House at Riverton by Kate Morton, which tells the story of a great English manor house through the eyes of a former housemaid. 

Downton Abbey isn’t the only setting that has sparked a reading list. The NoveList Plus database, which is accessible remotely if you have a library card, contains hundreds of other reading suggestions on topics as diverse as novels with a Mormon Church background (“What is LDS Fiction?”) to books for fans of Southern Gothic fiction in the style of the popular podcast S-Town (“S-Town Reads.”)  

For more information about any of these titles or help in getting to know the NoveList Plus database, check with library staff. 

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