Motorist dresses skeleton model in carpool scheme

This is not model behavior.

The disguise of a hoodie was not enough to fool the Minnesota State Patrol.

On a sunny May 10, a trooper on Interstate 35E in Maplewood spotted a model skeleton riding in the passenger seat of a car driving in the MnPASS carpool lane. 

A skeleton in purple outerwear does not cut it as a carpool-eligible passenger, pointed out the State Patrol in a Facebook post. “Only live human passengers qualify.”

The trooper pulled the motorist over. The skeleton was buckled in, noted the trooper, but improperly. 

“We’ve heard of having skeletons in your closet,” said the post. “But skeletons in your passenger seat?”

The driver was cited for driving in the carpool lane without a proper carpool, and sent on their way.


—Solomon Gustavo

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