North St. Paul holds citywide garage sale

Merk Wessel participated in the North St. Paul citywide garage sale on May 16, happy to try and get rid of stuff his kids passed on when they moved out. (Solomon Gustavo photos/Review)

Kathy Vanguilder of North St. Paul, and her friend, Carol Ammormann, of Woodbury, with some jewelry available at their garage sale. The two also had for sale an extensive collection of giraffe figures, including a giraffe lamp, with which Vanguilder was parting ways.

Fifty-year North St. Paul resident Don Kichler sat in the shade in his backyard, selling sporting goods like golf clubs, hunting equipment and an ice fishing house. (Solomon Gustavo/Review 5-16-19)

Sometimes, people just need a little push. As for clearing out some space in storage, or finally selling a certain item, North St. Paul gave its residents a little incentive by holding a citywide garage sale May 16 to 18. 

“We saw the city was holding the sale and thought, ‘why not?’” said resident Kathy Vanguilder. She and her friend, Carol Ammormann, of Woodbury, had held a garage sale recently and there were leftover items that still ready to go, price tag and all. 

Filling the garage and driveway connected to the home Vanguilder has lived in with her husband since the late 80s, she had items like jewelry, books and varying housewares for sale. She was also parting ways with a large portion of her giraffe figurine collection. 

“I kept my favorites,” said Vanguilder. 

Merk Wessel was happy to hear of the sale, using it as an opportunity to unload furniture and other items his children elected not to take with them when moving out. 

Sitting in his backyard by his alley garage and driveway, surrounded by sporting goods and old DVDs, was Don Kichler. He said he doesn’t do garage sales much, but took the chance to join the citywide sale to potentially unload some gear. 

Leaning against the house Kichler has owned for 50 years was deer hunting equipment, including a 22-foot treestand that was for sale.

“I’m not going 20 feet in the air anymore,” said Kichler, noting he isn’t giving up hunting, just scaling two stories up a tree to do so. 

Kichler also had sporting goods like golf clubs, and an ice fishing house that was in great condition. 

There were more than 50 registered participants over the course of the weekend, as well as a few rogue sellers who did not register in time, but set up shop anyway to capitalize on all the traffic.

The citywide sale, of course, wasn’t just an opportunity for residents to part ways with some stuff while pocketing some cash — it was also a second-hand bonanza for thrifters.

“I saw the sale on Facebook,” said a woman who’d driven down from Hugo while perusing an alley sale the opening Thursday of the citywide event. “I called in sick.”


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